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Welding Rod ng Pilipino!

Electroweld was established in 1979 due to the growing demand for electric arc welding electrodes in the areas of construction, mining, metal fabrication as well as other steel-related repair and maintenance industries in the Philippines.

The company started its operation with a joint technical tie up with one of the biggest welding electrode manufacturers in the world, Nippon Steel Welding (Shin Nittetsu) of Japan. Nippon Steel Welding supplied the major portions of raw materials used in the production of electrodes from wire rods to fluxes, as well as the technical know-how and quality control of all Electroweld products. It was from this wealth of experience that Electroweld gained its reputation for producing high quality welding electrodes.

Over the decades, we have grown our company in line with our mission to continue developing our product lines and serving the nation with the highest quality welding products. We now manufacture all types of welding rods, from high rutile and cellulosic type for mild steel, low hydrogen for higher tensile steels, stainless steel and cast iron electrodes, as well as electrodes for hard-surfacing materials. Our welding rods are also certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).



Since 2013, we have been distributing IGBT inverter-type welding machines across the Philippines under the brands SOLAR and ASTRO, as well as bringing in MIG welding and TIG welding consumables to accommodate all the welding demands of our customers. We also distribute grinding and cutting tools and accessories under the brand PEGATEC.


We proudly supply to a wide range of customers all over the Philippines in the industries of construction, fishing, shipbuilding and steel fabrication.

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